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Title [Green Asia] Solar power generator completed in Banteay Prieb in Cambodia 2016-09-28

캄보디아 사진.jpg

Local residents pose for a photo in front of the solar power generator in Banteay Prieb in Kandal, Cambodia.


The Korea Green Foundation, in partnership with Hansoll Textile, completed the construction of a 6.5 kWp solar power generator in Banteay Prieb, a training and community center for the disabled in Kandal, Cambodia, on September 5.


The center offers vocational education and training for people with physical disabilities stemming from wars, polio and accidents and face poverty and prejudice.


Banteay Prieb consumes a large amount of electricity as it operates training programs in the fields of electricity, electronics and machinery. The new solar power facility will account for part of the electricity needed with an average monthly capacity of 810 kWh.