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Title [Green Asia] Tree planting marks International Mangrove Day at Sundarbans Eco Village 2016-08-25


Photo: Villagers and children of the Sundarbans plant mangrove trees.


The Korea Green Foundation, in partnership with Samsung, held a mangrove-planting event at the Eco Village in the Sundarbans, Bangladesh, on July 26 in commemoration of International Mangrove Day.



Local residents and children participated in the one-day event sharing their understanding of the importance of mangroves, which they learned through the Foundation’s Eco Village Project. The trees protect residential areas from typhoons, provide habitats for various aquatic flora and fauna, and contribute to the livelihoods of the local people.



Mangroves are cherished as “village guardians” in the Sundarbans. The residents consider the forest sacred and pray to the goddess of the forest. Through the Eco Village Project, they are now learning how to preserve nature, perceiving it not simply as an external object, but as an invaluable asset worthy of active protection.