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Title [Green Asia] ‘Descendants of solar energy’ turns on a light for future at Sundarbans primary school 2016-07-22

Photo: The students of the Sundarban region are studying under the solar lamp supported by the KGF.


In June, Korea Green Foundation members has visited Sundarbans in Bangladesh, one of the towns targeted for the solar energy project and has installed battery charging stations that utilizes solar energy at Khejuria Binapani Government Primary School and Purbo Kalabogi Government Primary School.


As the rainy season had started, the road was pretty muddy on the day of a town meeting in Purbo Kalabogi. However, many people attended the meeting to ask diverse questions about operation of charging stations and provide suggestions. Purbo Kalabogi Government Primary School is the second place to be installed with a solar energy station after Khejuria Binapani Government Primary School.


A battery charging station is a facility to charge battery with electricity generated by a solar energy station. As villages near Sundarbans had no electricity, villagers had to go to a market that is far away to charge batteries, which made it very inconvenient.  


With installment of a batter charging station of solar energy, people near the Sundarbans are now able to charge batteries easily and for lower costs. Income coming from the battery stations will be reinvested for development of the villages through an operation committee of each facility.


Kang Kyeong-Ah of Korea Green Foundation said, “We were able to complete the process thanks to high interests of villagers who came in spite of the rain. We will continue to support for sustainable development of the villages through cooperation with local organizations.”