Subject   [KGF News] Green Foundation hosts the 2013 Green Asia Forum
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Green Foundation hosts the 2013 Green Asia Forum 

On September 10, 2013, the Korea Green Foundation will host the 2013 Green Asia Forum at the National Marine Museum in Busan. Under the main theme Climate change and Marine Environment in Asia, the forum brings together environmental experts from all over Asia.

The 2013 Green Asia Forum consists of 3 sessions with 10 presentations by experts and researchers in the environmental field and a followed discussion. These presentations deal with various issues and are as follows: Climate Change in Korean Waters, East Asian Fisheries under Climate Change, Marine Ecosystem Survey and MPA Designation of Korean Coastal Areas, Yellow Sea Ecoregion Support Project, Climate Change in Southeast Asia and Sakhalin Oil and Gas Project.

After opening ceremony in 2012, the 2013 Green Asia Forum will be held for the second time. Now the forum acts as the only private forum for dealing with environmental issues arising in the Asian region.  It is a major place for discussion of a variety of environmental issues inclduing countermeasures for climate change in worldwide regions, development of global partnerships for the marine environment and mutual governance management among others.

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