Subject   Charity Night 2011 'GREEN IS LOVE'
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Korea Green Foundation News:


 Sangbong Lie, a fashion designer who is praising Korea’s beauty to the world, held a fashion show called <Green Is Love>

 The Korea Green Foundation’s eight sponsors received “Green Santa Awards”

“Currently, there are so many clothes in the world that we have no need to produce more clothes for 3 years. As a person who makes clothes, I believe that we certainly have to think about the environment and our children, who are the owners of the future.” – Sangbong Lie (Designer)

Charity Night <Green is Love>, part of the Korea Green Foundation’s 9th anniversary celebration, was held at the Hilton Hotel on November 30th. This Charity Night was organized as a fund-raising event to build an “Environmental Center for Children” in 2012. As part of the event, a special fashion show was put on by the world-renowned fashion designer, Sangbong Lie, who supports the “Environmental Center for Children” initiative.

 Praised for introducing Korea’s beauty to the world, Sangbong Lie held a fashion show called <Green Is love> which was divided into three parts. The CBS Children’s Choir, who wore special clothes for the charity night, came down the runway during the first part of the show. Lie directed a show that presented Korea’s traditional pattern “Dan-Chung” and “Hangeul” (or landscape and folk painting), which shows Korea’s beauty, during the second and third part of the show. More than 40 professional models, actors, and singers gathered to provide their support of the “Environmental Center for Children”, the first Asian children’s environmental organization planned to be established next year.

Four companies and four individuals received “Green Santa Awards 2011”, a special award given to those who have contributed to the Korea Green Foundation. Lotte Department Store, Yuhan Kimberly, URG, and For U—an organization independently established by an employee of a major company that aims to contribute to public welfare—were selected as the company winners. Jiho Kim, an actrees and the honorary ambassador for Well of Life, a program aimed at donating drinking water in East Asian countries; Taeyong Kim, an film director and an executive committee member from the Green Film Festival in Seoul; Seong-Ki Ahn, an actor and an honorary ambassador for the Korea Green Foundation; and Sangbong Lie were selected as individual winners.

 On its 9th anniversary, the Korea Green Foundation is promoting the establishment of a first-ever children’s environmental organization in Korea. It plans to gather various professionals in order to build up a sustainable environment and create a healthier society for our children.





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