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Title [Green Culture] ‘Stop Fine Dust! Go Eco Market!’ 2017-07-04


The Korea Green Foundation commemorated World Environment Day with an environmental street festival in Seoul on June 3. The “Stop Fine Dust! Go Eco Market!” festival was held on a car-free street in Shinchon which is frequented by people of various ages. The festival was held to raise funds for activities to prevent fine dust. It also highlighted the launch of a new environment-friendly government in Korea. A variety of events were held during the festival including the Eco Flea Market where citizens buy and sell used goods, while artist Lim Ok-sang performed to express wishes to reduce fine dust pollution. Particularly, the auction of green leaders’ cherished goods drew keen attention from citizens, including Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon’s bag and a small girl statue from Kim Eun-sung, creator of a girl statue symbolizing the victims of Japan’s wartime sexual enslavement of Korean and other Asian women.